CCWS calendar and events

CCWS Calendar

CCWS Meetings 2017. (Normally Wednesdays 12-14 in room 37; but check)

Date Subject
Jan 25 Jørgen Goul Andersen. Presentation of regional disparity project
Jan 31 Wouter de Tavernier. Phd Defence.
Feb 8

Literature reviews: (10-15 min. each)

Kristian Kongshøj: Milanovic, Branko (2016).Global Inequality: A New Approach for the Age of Globalization. 

Troels Fage Hedegaard: Daniel Kahneman (2011) – Thinking Fast and Slow.

Mathias Herup Nielsen:kritisk diskursanalyse–Norman Fairclough (2000) ”New Labour, New Language”.

Wouter de Tavernier, Karen Nielsen Breidahl, Mathias Herup Nielsen
Feb 22 Strategy discussion. Future Priorities; Impact and other issues (?) 
March 8 Karen Nielsen Breidahl: Presentation of a forthcoming book: Marketization of employment services.
March 22 Laura Naegele, University of Vechta
‘Competence development for older workers in SMEs’
April 5 Mathias Herup Nielsen. “When citizens morally evaluate the welfare state – An analysis of a deliberative forum in Denmark”
April 19 Henrik Lolle & Jørgen Goul Andersen: The pursuit of happiness 
April 20 Guest Lecture (Seminar?) Guy Standing (to be announced, probably 10-12)
May 3

Birgitte Egeskov Jensen: Capabilities Development Among Elderly Chinese: a Comparative Study Between two Different Hukous

Simon Laumann Jørgensen: Habermas and those affected in the future

Please reserve 10-12 as alternative possibility this day
May 17 Wouter de Tavernier: Increasing the retirement age and social justice
May 31 Troels Fage Hedegaard. “Support for the idea that hard work helps you get ahead in society among ten migrant groups and natives in Denmark, Netherlands, and Germany”
June 14 Kristian Kongshøj. Inter- and intragenerational cleavages in national identity (working title).
June 28 To be decided
September 6

1. Trude Sundberg, University of Kent, UK:
 "Deservingness perceptions in Singapore and Beijing": Results from a qualitative studies.

2. Makiko Morita, Fujitsu:
"From segregation to symbiosis – the new nature of care policy and practices in Japan”