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CCWS Calendar


CWS Meetings 2017. (Normally Wednesdays 12-14 in room 37; but check)


Program Spring 2018:

PhD-presentation. Tijs Laenen

25-01-2018 – 26-01-2018:
CCWS production seminar.

Søren Etzerodt Frank: Explaining Economic Growth in Advanced Capitalist Countries: Varieties of Capitalism and Welfare Production Regimes

10.30 - 11.30: Axel West Pedersen: Recent changes in the Norwegian welfare state.
13.00 - 15.00: PhD defence Anders Bøggild Christensen


PhD-presentation Magnus Andersen

Presentation of the new TRYG project on early retirement. Per H. Jensen
Paper presention: Dutch and Danish deservingness perceptions and retrencement of unemployment benefits and social assistance. Tijs Laenen & Christian Albrekt Larsen

CCWS teaching. Meeting with head of study Jan Holm Ingeman
Cleaning up CCWS VBN-registration. Berit

16-04-2018: 13.00 - 15.00
PhD-Defense Hans Lassen: Migrants and labour market integration in Denmark

18-04-2018: Book seminar
Book presentation Mathias Herup-Nielsen
Book presentation Troels Fage Hedegaard

02-05-2018:Book seminar
Book presentation Karen Nielsen Breidahl
Book presenation Christian Albrekt Larsen

03-04-2018: 10-12. Seminar on voluntary work, civil society and the welfare state
Professor Per Selle, Bergen Univesity
Professor Lars Skolv Henriksen.

16-05-2018: 12.00 - 15.00: The normative fundation of welfare states
Seminar arranged by Mattihis Herup Nielsen

PhD-presentation Birgitte Egeskov Jensen
Research idea presentation Anna Diop-Christensen

13-06-2018: 12 - 16
Summer dinner


Program Autumn 2017:


13-12-2017: 9.00 -15.00
Migration and the welfare state. Full program.

13-12-2017: 17.00 -
CCWS Christmas dinner

29-11-2017: 12 -14:
Martin Munk: Social mobility and inequality in Denmark
Jeevitha Yogachandiran Qvist: Retirement timing in a social inequality perspective: Explaining social class effects on involuntary and voluntary retirement

15-11-2017: 12.30 - 14:
Knud Aaarup: Fra udenforskab til fælleskab. Bogpræsention. Fuldt program

01-11-2017: 12.30 - 14.30
Citizenship wage seminar
Kristian Kongshøj: Citizenship wage.
Erik Kristensen:  Citizenship wage

6-10-2017: 12 -14:

Trude Sundberg, University of Kent, UK: "Deservingness perceptions in Singapore and Beijing": Results from a qualitative studies.
Makiko Morita, Fujitsu:"From segregation to symbiosis – the new nature of care policy and practices in Japan”