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About the department

The Department of Political Science was founded in 1988 conjoining researchers from The Department of Education and Socialization, The Department of Social Affairs, and The Department of Business Studies. Interdisciplinarity characterized the department’s research profile mixing classical political science and organization theory with sociological and macroeconomic approaches.

In the early 1990s, the department’s researchers were organized in a number of relatively fixed research units that formed the basis of the department’s research activities and education planning. At that time, the department’s administration was characterized by strong involvement of the employees which again had a strong effect on the department’s working culture. After the reform of the law governing the Danish universities in 2003, the department has been administered by a professional management.

The department has a long tradition for collaboration with external partners and funding from private funds, organizations, and public authorities. Over the years, research has become more international and an increasing number of the department’s researchers publish in high ranking journals.

The department has always prioritized to communicate research results not only to the academic community but also to the broader public sphere. Thus, many of the department’s researchers often feature in radio interviews or in newspaper opinion pieces.  Some 20 per cent of all Aalborg University’s publicity is due to researchers from The Department of Political Science.

The department produces some 100 graduates every year.