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CARMA - Centre for labour market research

CARMA is a multi-disciplinary research centre that combines economic, sociological and political science approaches to labour market analyses.

Methodologically, CARMA's researchers apply a variety of research techniques ranging from quantitative register based analysis and surveys to in-depth qualitative investigations.

CARMA’s aim is to produce excellent empirical research by international standards and to continue contributing to the development of the theoretical understanding of the labour market.

CARMA’s research programme includes the following research areas:

  • Danish and international labour market policy
  • Collective bargaining and wage formation
  • Work-life balance, qualifications, and training
  • Wage earner values, attitudes, and power in industrial relations

Head of Research is professor Henning Jørgensen (Spring 2018), professor MSO Thomas Bredgaard (Autumn 2018) and professor Flemming Larsen (Autumn 2017, Spring 2019)