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Department of Political Science

Welfare systems, economic globalization, economic inequality and labour market marginalization

The welfare states interact with national economies that increasingly are embedded into the global economy. This economic globalization can potentially challenge the labour market chances for low skilled citizens and increase levels of economic inequality. It is also a classic worry that welfare state due to incentive problems might cause labour market marginalization. In order to research these central questions CCWS has collected large scale national surveys among marginalised groups (1999, 2007/8) and surveys and interviews with employers (2008 and 2014). We also do research on the detail Danish census data that allow us to study the whole population from 1980 and onwards. One of the central fields of analysis within the classic problem regarding poverty and inequality is how the education system contributes to inclusion/exclusion and mobility. Another central is how activation schemes and public employment agencies can be organized to facilitate labour market integration of marginalized groups.

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