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Department of Political Science

Visiting scholars

CCWS welcome international scholars with an interest in comparative welfare state research. Short- and long-term visitors are crucial for establishing a vibrant research environment. CCWS is especially attractive for international scholars with an interest in the Danish and Nordic welfare state. Visitors can also benefits from our common physical locate with CARMA - a leading centre for labour market studies (www.carma.aau.dk).

Current long-term visitors:

  • Christopher Grages-Karabiner (GER)
  • Silvia Girardi (LUX)

Previous long-term visitors:

  • Marilena Geugjes (GER)
  • Tijs Laenen (BE)
  • Bettina Leibester (BE)
  • Dr Wu Miao (CN)
  • Dr. Duan Xiaoping (CN)
  • YANG Shengyi (CN)
  • Professor Wim Van Oorschoot (NL)
  • Professor Jochen Clasen (UK)
  • Professor Chris Herbst (US, Fulbright)
  • Professor Ronald King (US, Fulbright)
  • Professor Birgit Pfau-Effinger (GER)